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No girl or Woman in STEM left behind!

We will not wait 136 years
We unleash superpowers

Have you ever wondered; “what does it take for women to succeed in a male-dominated workplace like mining?”

  • Are you passionate about championing girls and women in STEM?
  • Are you a diversity and inclusion advocate and want to be part of solving the gender gap?
  • Are you a mining leader who wants to see more women and girls in STEM succeed in their careers?
  • Are you a woman in STEM passionate about succeeding and helping other succeed?

If you answered yes, then JOIN THE CAMPAIGN

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap Report, it will now take an average of 136 years for women and men to reach parity on a range of factors worldwide.

Only less than 15% of CEOs of the top 100 mining companies are female leaders. It will take even more years to close the gender gap in this industry.

Why the Campaign?

Watch here the 30 Day Unleashing My Superpowers inspirational stories launch video

Dr Patience Mpofu was recognised as one of the 36 women leaders from around the world to take part in the prestigious 2018–2019 International Women’s Forum Fellows Program, an honour that changed the course of her path.


International Women Forum Legacy Project

As part of the IWF Program, she was required to complete a Legacy Project. This book is therefore part of her IWF Fellows Program Legacy Project.

Phase 1

100 women in STEM across the globe participated
Click here for a free download of the executive summary

Phase 2

100-day campaign inspirational stories
30 successful global women in STEM and leaders. Click here to watch their profiles
Includes high profile women: E.g. Astronaut who spent over 180 days in space, a global leader who met Mandela
Click here to watch the videos on YouTube

We are here: Phase 3 & 4

The publishing of my book to inspire women and girls to take up more STEM
Unleashing My Superpowers: How to navigate and succeed in a male-dominated workplace: BUY here and watch the BOOK trailer here
Unleashing My Superpowers Academy: Subscribe NOW FOR FREE

What is this Campaign

  • We want to inspire more girls and women in STEM
  • Get inspired with Dr Patience Mpofu story on how women can succeed in a male dominated workplace.
  • 10 % of book proceeds of every book bought goes towards growth of the Unleashing My Superpowers Academy
  • Match giving and sponsorship is welcome. We welcome sponsorship to our 1st Cohort of the 100 women in STEM or Mining into the 1st Cohort of the Women in STEM Leadership Program and Women in Mining Entrepreneurs Program
  • 50% will be from Africa and other 50% from the rest of the world


If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

“The journey of sharing my personal story started in April 2018, when I had a near-death experience due to altitude on a family holiday in Africa. For the first time, my niece Thembelihle who was 14 years old at that time, asked me.

‘Why are you working in the mining industry, Auntie? Isn’t that a job for men? Sounds like a tough job. Why don’t you work somewhere where it’s easy. As I reflected on my career and leadership journey, I narrated my story to my family, who were all curious to know. As I shared my journey with my curious family, they found my story inspirational. and that I should share the knowledge with the world and inspire more women in STEM

At that moment, my niece Thembelihle decided that she would now pursue her High school with STEM related subjects as she now knew the vast career opportunities they provide. I thought to myself that if I could inspire a young girl and open up her eyes to the vast opportunities that STEM related subjects can give, imagine how many more girls or women I could inspire through publishing a book.

I put the idea of writing a book aside at that time, but fast tracking a year later, I got accepted for the acclaimed IWF Fellows Program in August 2019, and that idea came back—this book is therefore part of my IWF legacy project, and that dream has become a reality! After spending more than 25 years in the mining industry, I am now paying it forward by sharing my story through this book.”


How do I participate?

Option 1:

Join the Challenge: Click here

30 Day Challenge

Unleashing My Superpowerpowers

Tag a girl or woman in STEM

Option 2:

Sponsor a girl or woman: Click here

Sponsor a woman in STEM

Donate or buy a girl or woman in STEM Unleashing My Superpowers book or program

OPTION 1: Unleashing My Superpowers 30 day CHALLENGE: Tag a woman or girl in STEM

Step 1
  • Buy a book here or register to participate here

Step 2

  • Post on social media. Linkedin, Instragram, Twitter Facebook and hashgtag #unleashingmysuperpowers
  • Tag Dr Patience Mpofu and as many women in STEM whom you feel may benefit from getting this book
  • Ask them to tag you when they buy the book or ebook and also include #unleashingmysuperpowers #drpatiencempofu
  • You can share a story how you have unleashed your superpowers
Step 3
  • Register for the Unleashing My Superpowers Online Launch Event Here
Step 4
  • Keep engaging on social media
  • You may be one of the winners for the challenge
Step 5
  • Wait for your name to be called to win one of the fabulous prices mentioned here

Prizes to be won:

Whoever tags the most women or girls (make sure they tag Dr Patience Mpofu and yourself so that we follow and tally the votes).

Check the eCommerce Store here

There are 10 prizes to be won

1st Prize:

  • 6 one on one Executive Coaching Sessions with Dr Patience Mpofu
  • 2 Signed Books
  • Free Unleashing My Superpowers T-Shirt, Free Mug, Free cap
  • VIP Access to my online book launch Event
  • Free membership to Academy for 1stmonth to access the 30 inspirational women leaders in STEM 1 hour videos

Worth Over $5000

2nd Prize:

  • Unleashing My Superpowers Masterclass
  • Signed Book
  • Free Unleashing My Superpowers Polo T-Shirt
  • VIP Access to my online book launch Event
  • Free membership to Academy for 1st month to access the 20 inspirational women leaders in STEM 1 hour long videos

Worth more than $2500

3rd Prize:

  • Signed Book
  • Unleashing My Superpowers Polo T-Shirt
  • Unleashing My Superpowers Mug
  • Access to my online book launch Event
  • Free membership to Academy for 1st month to access the 10 inspirational women leaders in STEM 1 hour long videos

Worth more than $1500

4th Prize:

  • Signed Book
  • Unleashing My Superpowers Normal T-Shirt
  • Access to my online book launch Event

5th to 10th place Prize:

  • eBook and Unleashing My Superpowers Normal T-Shirt
  • Access to my online book launch Event

Note: You need to be at the event to claim the prize

Option 2: Sponsor a girl or woman by buying or donating a book: 4 Options

Donate 1-9 books

BUY 1-9 books at $25 each

Buy from Amazon

What you get/benefits

  • For a contribution of$25 you’ll receive a personalized thank you note,
  • An ebook copy of Unleashing My Superpowers
  • Special Invitation to my BOOK launch Online Event

Donate 10 books

Buy from Amazon 10 books

  • For a contribution of $250 you’ll receive a personalized thank you note,
  • A signed copy of Unleashing My Superpowers
  • Special VIP Invitation to my BOOK launch Online Event
Donate 100 Books/Sponsor
a woman in STEM Program

Buy from Amazon 100 books

  • For a contribution of $2500 you’ll receive a personalized thank you note,
  • An ebook copy and signed Copy of Unleashing My Superpowers
  • Special VIP Invitation to my BOOK launch Online Event
  • Nominate one woman in STEM whom you think can benefit from the Women in STEM leadership Program or Women in Mining Entrepreneurs Program. (She is mid to senior level career) OR
  • you can select a school or university for me to  donate 100 books.

Corporate Package: Donate Sponsor women in STEM

  • For a contribution of $25000 you’ll receive a corporate level private keynote delivered by Dr Patience Mpofu for you and your team, including Q&A. This will include up to 100 copies of the Unleashing My Superpowers eBook for your team.
  • Special VVIP Invitation to my BOOK launch Online Event
  • Nominate 10 women to attend the 1st Cohort of the impactful online Women in STEM leadership Program or Women in Mining Entrepreneurs Program OR
  • you can nominate a schoool or university to donate 1000 books.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When I purchase this course now what happens?
You will confirmation of your purchase with a link to the Unleashing My Superpowers eBook.

You will then receive an email with your login details and link to the platform. You can change your password and start your course immediately.

How will my contribution be used in this project for the donation?
Contributions made to the Unleashing My Superpowers campaign will go towards the creating an online platform and app for women in STEM and women in mining entrepreneurs, for sponsoring a woman in STEM or mining.
When will I receive my perks if I win for the challenge and donation?
Once a contribution is accepted by the campaign, we will be in touch via email regarding the perk corresponding to your contribution amount.
When does the course start?
The Unleashing My Superpowers starts on the 10th september with access to the full 10 recorded interviews and then the Masterclass will be done live with the first group in October. The course will be recorded for future clients and is designed for you to work at your own pace.
When is the Event for the book launch?
The online book launch event is scheduled for the Friday 22nd October 2021. Sign up here for the Event.
Where can I see the examples of the T-Shirts?
You can browse our online store here
How do I contact the instructor?
You will have access to contact information for your instructor, and many other events. The videos can be viewed at any time.
Who is this academy for and where can I view the Academy Page?
If you are a woman in STEM in entry, mid to senior level and looking for a sounding board to help you navigate the male dominated workplace, please visit our current Academy page here
How can I learn more about Dr Patience Mpofu and her work?

Please explore this book website here and more on peakperformancewithpatience.com and you can follow Patience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

How do I connect with Dr Patience Mpofu on social media so that I can tag her?
Connect DR Patience Mpofu on all social media here Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

More questions? Contact us here info@peakperformancewithpatience.com

Please read our terms and conditions here

Want to learn more about the Academy, visit us here

There are still invisible subtle barriers that hold women back from succeeding in a male-dominated workplace.

Did you know? From a survey of more than 130 women we conducted across the globe, of women in male dominated workplaces (STEM):

“98% said, “If we have more women in leadership positions, more women will succeed.”

“70% believe that the biggest barrier in getting more women promoted is that there are no women in senior positions.”

“98% believe when women support each other, more women will succeed.”

“More than 81% said having a coach and mentor helped them with navigating the work environment and acting as a sounding board.”

“84% said having the right quality of network and belonging to a group of likeminded people has helped them to break the glass ceiling for their careers.”

Our Academy’s core mission is to help women in male dominated workplaces (STEM) to succeed in their workplaces


WE will not wait 103 years to close the gender gap

WE will help you grow and navigate the invisible barriers

  • The United Nations has set ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for its 2030 agenda, specifically goal 5 for gender equality.
  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of digital transformation and space exploration—or rather, space mining—there is now a sense of urgency for a campaign to help women in STEM and male-dominated industries succeed.
  • This academy will teach women how to navigate a male-dominated workplace with insights from the hour-long interviews I had with 30 women across the globe who have achieved C-Suite and Board level.
  • When you have a growth mindset as a leader, you are constantly looking at ways to develop yourself and grow. Are you ready to unleash your superpowers???

About the Author

Dr Patience Mpofu, has now turned her trailblazing career. For the first time, DR Mpofu has created this Academy to help you to navigate the male-dominated work environment to unleash your superpowers. She is a multi-award winner as one of the most influential women in Mining, and former Vice President of an Australian listed mining company. She is a Global Mining Sustainability Thought Leader (ESG), an IWF Fellow Alumni, Executive Leadership Coach and Women in STEM advocate. She has over 25 years of senior leadership mining experience and has authored and published over 10 international peer reviewed journals on sustainability in the mining industry. She is CEO of Peak Performance with Patience, and Insight Mining Experts. Patience holds a PhD in mineral processing from UNISA Australia, an MBA from Wits Business School in South Africa, and an AMP from INSEAD.

You can order her book here

“Recently, when I was about to leave my 25 year career in the mining industry, I almost had a near death experience in Lesotho due to altitude. When my niece and my father asked me why I stayed in the mining industry despite it being male dominated, I started narrating stories I experienced, lessons I learned, poems, prayers, beliefs about what mattered the most, some great childhood memories. I finally found what moved the needle the most in this tough mining industry and why I stayed in the industry and even advocating for it for more than 25 years. If you know how, and when, to deal with life’s challenges”

It’s a subtle but profound shift in mindset, that allows us to understand what gives us meaning and taking our power back—opening the door to resilience and unleashing your superpowers

From “not feeling good enough” to “being enough” is a profound shift that women can experience. Knowing yourself is what gives you meaning, and asking yourself the difficult questions: What is my mission, purpose, and values? What am I here for? Using your voice as a force for good. leading with authenticity, trust, love and compassion. You know who you are, you are enough, you have courage to stand firm to what you believe and stand for, unleashing your superpowers is using your voice. Finding what you are passionate about, something where you’re solving a problem, and something that you’re good at, because finding meaning is about making a contribution. And when you feel that you’re making a difference and having an impact, it makes it easier to get up in the morning

“You need to unleash something extra in order to be the change you want to see in the world. Its about stepping out of your comfort zone and being a catalyst for change. Women have the necessary superpowers and it’s time to unleash those powers! Wathinta umfazi, wathinta imbokodo is a Zulu saying: You strike a woman, you strike a rock.”
Dr Patience Mpofu

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