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Unleashing My Super Powers Hard Cover Limited Edition

(10 customer reviews)


Dr Patience Mpofu is a multi-award winner as one of the most influential women in Mining, and former Vice President of an Australian listed mining company. She is a Global Mining Sustainability Thought Leader (ESG), an IWF Fellow Alumni, Executive Leadership Coach and Women in STEM advocate. She has over 25 years of senior leadership mining experience and has authored and published over 10 international peer reviewed journals on sustainability in the mining industry. She was recognised as one of the 36 female leaders from around the world to take part in the 2019 IWF Fellows Program. She is founder and CEO of Peak Performance with Patience, an academy for women in STEM that offers free and low-cost membership for various mentorship and masterclasses. She is also CEO of Insight Mining Experts. Patience holds a PhD in mineral processing from UNISA Australia, an MBA from Wits Business School in South Africa, and an AMP from INSEAD.


10 reviews for Unleashing My Super Powers Hard Cover Limited Edition

  1. V.E.

    Unleashing My Superpowers: How to navigate and succeed in a male-dominated mining work environment (STEM) by Dr. Patience Mpofu is a well-written book that’s a personal memoir of the author as she recounts her experiences in the male-dominated mining industry. There is so much to glean from this book and it’s so impactful for women as they navigate careers. With wisdom, personal experience, and the drive to succeed, the author shares her challenges, successes, and more as she recounts her career and life. There are plenty of step by steps exercises, solid advice, and inspiring leadership stories to bolster the impactful premise. Highly recommended.

  2. Mayibo

    This is a timely text from not only, a woman in STEM, not just a woman of colour as well, but also a black woman. So often in this century we’ve been asked how to get girls and women into STEM. A more interesting question is once they get there, how are women in STEM doing it. This book answers that in such a unique way. If you’re going to pick up a read from from an accomplished BLACK and AFRICAN woman, and get a taste of black-girl-magic, let it be from Dr Mpofu.

  3. Karrie

    As a leader and a coach, the author Patience tries to teach her clients to unleash the superpowers that they possess as they strive to excel. Her success represents the power to unlock potential success and guides towards the confidence, courage, and vulnerability required to address problems and challenges in a working place.The author has gathered all her experience in multidisciplinary world industry as a board member and different executive committee member, the experience that she uses to write this book, ‘Unleashing My superpowers.’She unveils the strategies to succeed as a woman in a workplace that is dominated by men. The author emphasizes that for you to be a successful and effective leader, you must lead yourself in self-mastery, challenge your beliefs that do not allow you to lead effectively, inspire other people, and have a mental and spiritual strength to build good teams and create a wonderful performance in the organizations.Women are encouraged to go for those jobs that are thought to be for men. Women should not fear to give it a try provided they accept the challenges ahead of them, work hard to prove that they can do well in those places just like men.

  4. Mduduzi Mugoba

    An awesome memoir and truthful account of what it truly means to have a career on STEM, by DR Mpofu. A wonderful read and an inspiration to us all!

  5. Lorenza Seldner

    Without starting a gender-equality conflict, Unleashing your superpowers describes an undeniable situation; that despite our modernity, and all the advancements humankind has achieved, women are still considered unfit for specific jobs, activities, and roles. The book provides the tools to overcome this reality and hopefully break the cycle. With inspiring prose and a kind voice, the author leads us through a path that promises success and the correct use of our abilities and talents as women.

  6. Celeste S

    “Unleashing my Superpowers” written by the multi awarded Dr Patience Mpofu is a fascinating, inspiring, and thought-provoking book in which the author narrates her own story and shares tips and strategies to succeed in an industry dominated by men. The novel relates the author’s personal experiences and the moment she decided to create this text to help other women go through the same things she had to live and achieve their dreams and objectives.When I started reading the book, I first felt surprised, then moved and amazed at the writer’s absorbing story. Her life has been a journey through some fascinating places and through some life-changing events.This book is very well-written. The author tells her memoir in a very direct and straightforward way which makes the book extremely appealing and engaging. Her skilful explanation of strategies and practical methods helps the reader really understand her reality and follow her advice. I enjoyed this book a lot and I strongly recommend it.

  7. Amazon Customer

    This is not just a book to read once and out on the shelf but a tool to refer to again and again!

  8. Agustina

    Unleashing My Superpowers is a book written by Dr Patience Mpofu that is destine to help other woman to navigate and succeed in a male-dominated mining work environment break free from cultural biases, overcome imposter syndrome, and unleash their superpowers to break the glass ceiling. Mpofu takes her experience to create a new guide to teach several tools to accomplish our goals. It creates a subtle but profound shift in mindset that helps us understand what gives us meaning.I was very pleased with this book! Being one of the two females in my workplace sometimes can be intimidating, especially when it comes to demanding rights. So, reading this helped me educate myself on how to set my mind to feel secure with my peers. I am beyond grateful to have women like Patience Mpofu out there that showed up for the rest of us. Highly recommended!

  9. Venise

    Unleashing My Superpowers is an interesting and inspiring book with heartfelt stories on how a woman can succeed in a tough, male-dominated industry.The author, Dr. Patience Mpofu shares her journey working in the mining industry for 25 years. She has left her mark on the industry and won several awards over the years for her work in Africa.She tells her readers about growing up in Lemba and the many challenges and terrifying ordeals she experienced. These experiences helped her to rise above the challenges. This led to her becoming known as one of the most influential women in mining in Africa.Dr. Mpofu teaches us that a woman can do any job as well as a man and sometimes, even better.

  10. Jessica McC

    In any type of workplace, success depends on many factors. In a male-dominated workplace such as in many STEM environments, for female workers knowing how to succeed is important. Dr Patience Mpofu’s personal experience gives readers a view of her life and the struggles and successes that helped her become who she is.The writing style makes this book easy to read and digest the contents. Dr. Mpofu’s story will inspire and provide guidance on identifying some of the barriers in the work world. She shows you how to navigate these barriers and how to succeed in different fields. As a female in the mining industry, she is well versed in the challenges of succeeding in a male-dominated environment.Dr. Patience Mpofu’s book is well written and a good guide, especially for new entrants into fields that have traditionally low female representation. This book is great for both men and women, seasoned professionals or someone just starting out in the working world.

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